Role of Planets in Life

Role of planets

9 Planets and their Role in Life

Imagination culminates (arises) from Moon and when Mercury accompanies (guides) Moon, the idea is formed.  Jupiter makes the idea meaningful and Venus acts as a resource gatherer, it helps in resource gathering. Saturn causes disruption (hindrances) in the planned endeavor and Mars maintains the passion but Sun unites all the chaotic and disorganized bonds because everything is done by its command. Hence, when the goal is to be cultivated, the consideration of the Sun is most important.

Mars and Passion

In order to achieve major goals in life, passion is required more than higher education or big opportunity, and this passion is given by planet Mars.

Foresight and Leo

In order to achieve success in life, there is a need for foresightedness. Out of all the twelve zodiac signs, Leos are the most vigilant (farsighted).

Concept and Moon

When the imagination takes concrete shape, the concept (idea) is formed, and when the idea comes into action, the creation (invention) takes place.

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